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Please note I am now running INSTAFREEBIE exclusive promos.

Hello and welcome to my Joint Author Promotion page.
This page exists to bring authors together who are offering incredible value to their readers, and building an email list of committed fans.
Building a list of loyal readers is hard, and this is where the Joint Author Promotion comes in. Basically, I will be running a promotion for a bundle of free ebooks once a month. Every author who participates emails their lists on set days, and features the promotion through all their social media channels. Readers pick up the books and, hopefully, a cross polination of email subscribers happens!
Read on to find out how you can participate.
First up, you must have a mailing list to joint this promotion. The idea is to build our lists, so if you don’t have one there is not much point in joining. I don’t mind if your list is small, just as long as you have one and you are actively engaging with your subscribers.
Secondly you must sign up to to take advantage of the free promotion. Yes, I will occasionally email you about my other services, but there is no requirement on your part to buy anything. To participate in the author promos you just need to be a part of my list.
I will promote the books on a page on Initially I won’t be giving out email lists. This promo is purely for people to find your books and then (hopefully) sign up to your list.
This promo will cost you nothing. I will host the page with links to the free books on Instafreebie. I am currently working with Instafreebie to maximise page visits to each promo I offer. If you are not with Instafreebie they offer a 30 day free trial, so you can try them out with my promo page to see how well it works at no cost.
And then we will all hopefully see a growth in our subscriber lists!
Terms and Conditions:
I don’t guarantee any results and I won’t be selling any email lists. I agree to host the web page with all the links to the books and you agree to email your list and post on your social media hotspots on the day that I specify.
General Terms and Conditions also apply, available from the menu.
That’s it.
Contact me if you want to reserve a spot.
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