Your Brand, a Salvador Dali Cookbook and more

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It’s Thursday, the weather is horrible and you need a pick me up. Well here it is. I’ve scoured the internet on your behalf for some of the most interesting and informative articles and opinion out there.
Need some encouragement to grow your brand? Want to know what Amazon’s bestselling book of 2016 is? Have you always felt your life was missing a Salvador Dali cookbook?
All this and more in today’s summary of the publishing and writing news for Thursday.

It’s not all about growing your brand, it’s about controlling it too.

Amazon’s bestselling books of 2016.

Six underrated ways to get more traffic to your website

Bored with Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks? How about this one from Salvador Dali?

Excellent article here for writers and everyone else too: How to write when life sucks.

A must read this one: The myth of quick

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